Tuesday, November 19, 2019

wondering wanderings

Aimlessly wondering
Through the world I play living in
A stranger in my own skin
Unsure if I’m here or back again

Projecting some confidence
Holding a good defense
Afraid of the consequence
But plunging in none the less

And walking among the trees
The colors, the changing leaves
The people I seldom see
Whose eyes follow after me

The dust that now dulls my boots
The luster I had to lose
The path that I had to choose
The flotsam that’s hanging loose

So I sit here quietly
Silence so thick that I can’t see
Close my eyes to the evening breeze
And turn, try to find it, me

But I am off walking now
In places far from this town
Down highways and under clouds
Where something I seek is found

So here in the silence I
Will wait as the world goes by
I’ll take it, or maybe try
To lift, hold my head up high

And maintain a steady gaze
Through distance and deeper haze
To some far and distant place
Were the rest of me finds solace

And I know I’ll find it there
Or it will find its way here
And silence won’t be a thing to bear
But will be like sustenance, breathing air.

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