Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The Mysterious Serendipity of an Evening

Looking up I saw you.  Your face looking down, slightest parted lips.
I remember the smile when you saw me look up.
The soft, delicate feel of your breasts as you hugged me, surprised as I was.
A tiny bit of me drowned in the warmth of you, the scent of you, the desire of you…even then.

I watched you talking, there in the midst of the bustling nothing.
I watched the movement of your lips, the twinkle in your eye. 
I saw you glance to the table,
When you thought you may have said a bit too much.

With each minute I saw you more.  When we were propositioned to join,
They saw me seeing you, they retreated.
Others spoke to me of seeing us there but being unwilling to break the spell,
Though they knew not why or what sort it was.

We sat at the table in the corner later, I brought you a drink.
We ate, we spoke, the images of it flow through me.
And when you showed me “Angry Birds”, I leaned in and took in the closeness,
As I had not indulged before.

In truth, had my inhibitions and fears been less, I would have wrapped my arms around you,
Given in to my desire to feel the beating of your heart against my own. 
I did not though.
Contented with being close enough that the heat of your body reflected on my own,
I pretended to care about the game on your phone, only to be next to you a little more.

I could not speak to you of my thoughts, my feelings. 
I invited you to come and sit a while.
And, when you said yes, and though I knew it was childish and silly,
I struggled to contain my arousal at the thought of spending the evening next to you, whatever the guise.

I watched with careful abandon as your headlights followed me.
I could not bear to lose you, though I hardly knew the way…
Arriving there, I found pleasure in entering the fine hall
With you walking beside me, walking with me.

Long hours we sat, exchanging things,
Embracing things, desiring things.
You fidgeted and tugged at your hem.
I regularly withdrew behind my hands,
Both concerned we would expose too much, too far, too long.

It was a joy to walk beside you as you left me. 
That moment, that stroll, knowing it would be the last for long days.
I felt the softness of you as you leaned into me
And I knew the night was done.

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