Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Beech and Oak

So spoke the big Red Oak unto the lovely young Beech tree,
You’re full of trepidation dear, or so it seems to me.
Afraid the mighty wind might make you suddenly fall down,
And you will find yourself a’ lying broken on the ground.
Bear yourself up proudly now, you’ve quite forgot about,
The roots that dig in deeply, they really are quite stout.
The wind may blow against you, may bend you to and fro,
You’ll find your branches tangling up quite well with these, my own!
But take good heart and listen, you are grounded in the soil,
And built the roots that keep you there through many years of toil.
The time may come when we are blown and carried on away,
But rest assured,
For Beech and Oak,
That day is not today.

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