Tuesday, November 19, 2019


What was secretly reflecting
In this mad and lonely rage
In this desperate condition
In this spattered, ink stained page
What was lurking in the shadows
Of the delicate remorse
In the stingy retribution
Of the silent shutting doors.
I have heard its giggling madness
I have felt it, warm, demure
Drawing in and sweet caressing
Acting like it has no lure
Wet and sumptuous the taste of
What it lays upon my tongue
Like raging choirs of angels
Like a million songs it sung.
It has led me to your bedside
It has pulled me to your arms
It has made me scream in anger
It has made me lay down, tharn
It has pulled me to the lowest
It has flew me oh so high.
It is only what I’ve given
It is only what I’ve tried
It is deeper than the look
Given by children when they pray
It is wider than the battle
that cannot escape the fray
It is keener than an eagle
Honing in upon its prey
It is dark, obtuse and shallow
Hiding out from light of day
It will bring me to my knees and
It will make me leap so high
It will cause my feeble voice to
roar, cause evil things to rise
It will take away my air yet
Draw out my last lonely breath
To step in front of you and
Shake my fist at looming death
And it will bring to me emotion
I knew not that I possessed
Ignite a fire that all the world
Cannot yet suppress
I am standing in the ashes
Of a life I thought I lost
On my arm a vision standing
For whom I pay, yet count no cost.

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