Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Odin to Fjorgyn

I cannot separate the deepest thoughts I have of you
From the lonely crags and steeples I am walking through.
In numbing flashes of your eyes, it reaches far beyond the new
And finds a place, it rests where I cannot get to.

With gentle smile you lift me far above the dismal clouds of grey
And when you close your eyes it also ends my day.
And when I see that faint inflection longing for some heady change
It eats upon me and it wears my heart away.

Would that I could only lift my arms and turn the weary world away from you.
Then reach them slowly, gently, softly to embrace, encapsulate and cover you.
I would build a hedge around you raise a palace made of sky and water blue.
I would compel the world to bow and lay its treasures down right there in front of you.

I am low, am mortal man and in my hands the earth is cold
I will not offer things; I will not be so bold.
I will cast my lidded glance across the barren wasteland old
Find the place where love and hate are bought and sold.

If I happen to; strange, stumble upon something oh so dear
If fate allows me, if I overcome my fear.
If memory of Angel’s eyes sustains me well away from here
And if a man can find sustenance in a tear…

I will lift my arms and with a glance of love and malice turn their eyes from you.
Praying fear and recognition will not make you fly when I’m revealed to you.
And if the demons that now pace your steps approach, they’ll be unable to come through.
And all the earth will know that all I ever wanted was to lie down next to you.

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