Tuesday, November 19, 2019


Sitting here and contemplating with an apathetic mind
Reveling in sweet reflection of another place and time
There is little light to see by and the corridor is dark
And the drops of recollection leave a tantalizing mark

Buried as it is inside me, in a box lined with allure
Ask me now to find it and I cannot be too sure
If the contents that I placed will be the one that I there find
But that’s ok the things within the box are yours and yet all mine

Speaking of them as I do I feel them drawing closer now
The images, the moments, close my eyes into this cloud
And I can see dim light reflecting from the moisture on your lips
Etched into my mind the patterns you made with your fingertips.

And though you thought I was not looking, I watched as you walked away
And though you thought I did not listen, I know every word you say
And though you thought I would go missing I am here at end of day
And I’ll be waiting here to warm the lover’s bed in which we lay.

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