Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The Blue-Green Madness

When you have reached the deepest depths
And felt blood on your fingertips
When you have looked to the abyss
And danced with devils just like this

When yearnings of a darker kind
Speak to the corners of your mind
When thoughts benign as cannon balls
Invade your heart’s most secret halls

When in a moment of regret
You shudder, wishing you had met
A presence hovering inside
That poisons you like cyanide

Cyanide but strangely sweet
A darkened angel, swift and fleet
That slips into your silent dreams
And stays when It’d be best to leave

And waits for you and calls your name
And senses when you feel the same
And reaches out, like breath of air
And touches, touches, everywhere.

And feels the beating of your heart
Does not withdraw, though you may start
Does not regret the water deep
The places lost, hidden beneath

Who hears the words you do not say
Who wanders far, when gone is day
Who does not fear the hounds that bay
Who comes to you at break of day

When you arrive at deepest sadness
Ride lighting until you have passed it
Oaths men take, then there they cast it
You look into the blue-green madness.

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