Monday, March 23, 2020

the horseman

And I sit silent, contemplating
I explore your wicked way.
I recline and let you rage
considering your your stain'ed page.
In darkened corner I reside
and watch with curiosity,
the ruminations of your petty soul.
Your deadly, mild tease.
I feel the pointed darts
you fire upon me as I pray.
And I feel the consternation as
I try to walk my way.
And I know you deeply fear the
places that my feet may tread.
And I know you have no spirit,
No passion, only dread.
And in the walk, so far,
you feel that I alone am done.
You feel I have been shut away
Your territory won...
But wary, there
my little dear,
I fear I've not begun.
If you wake me, harsh you shake me,
If you make my blood to run.....

Do not rest your laurels on
those feet of clay so red
Do not close your eyes and slumber
on the filthy sheets you bed.
Do not make the deadly error
made by many walked before.
Do not close your eyes and lift
the wary watch upon your door.

I am wakened, I am shaken,
I have counted up the cost.
I have made the calculations,
I have pondered what is lost.
You have pressed me,
You have squeezed until I've no more breath to give.
Now I rise and, with the earth and stone,
will compensation give.

,,,so walk thou softly now, there's something new,
some nameless menace wakes.
A demon from another world, a creeping, groping taste.
It will strip you, leave you naked,
there exposed to their bold glance.
Though you beg with supplication,
It will offer you no chance. 

For though you have forgotten, this darkness has not memory lost
And though you have forgiven, it still remains and counts the cost.
And though you offer up as currency your countenance so bright,
It will expose without remorse all of your rottenness and blight.

So bask within your victory
So hollow and so sweet.
Pay no mind to clouds that gather,
To mustered storm , do pay no heed.
I am coming now,
The horseman now,
He rides upon your door.
Pray in deepest supplication.
He will ride for you no more.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

the deepening

stop your slow kinetic refuge
stop your effervescent glow
do not whisper sweetness softly
do not glance the way you go

I have seen your lips pull hungry
I have felt your draw sublime
I have delved within the deepest hidden
ores from which you mine

I do not resisty intently
I do not wish to escape
I offer quietly the neck to bite,
the tender flesh, the nape

Only here I make the pretense of
the one who looks away
Only here I lift my eyes and
all of you in me I take

For the deft illusion of
the meek and mild place I stand
is but a quiet malefactor
of a hungry, empty land

that pulls, devours, consumes
that draws you in and rests your soul
while pulling from you life, the strife, the tides
the drama that unfolds

I will advise you, dearest love,
though you will not take my advice
these paths you walk are steep,
they have been paved with wast'ed lives

It will consume you, will remove you
will rip down your hallowed halls
Will decimate the sweet embrace and
bitter, sneer as towers fall

and none yet have beheld the
terrifying power of these chains
none have felt the awful crux
excruciating, bitter pains

can you stand here then
before the mighty fires of the deep?
Can you mock their hollow towers?
Can you run with hooves so fleet?

For to temper such a flame
is task of epic, mortal tome
Is fit for songs of many ages
Songs of warriors that roam

and what will you then do
when that bright fire you though was out
then rekindles, in midnight's winds do
flare alive and without doubt

will you have the will to stop it?
will you pull it to your soul?
While it burns a flame that pulls from
earth and stone that makes you whole?