Monday, November 16, 2009

big blue shelf

Big blue shelf sitting empty waiting on someone come to fill me up.
Sweet young thing looking at me. Drinking her wine from a little tin cup.
Big man standing at attention, leaning on the edge he soon gonna push his luck.
Grease poppin’ happy in a skillet. Put it all on the plate ,gonna eat it all up!

Dog barkin up at the corner. Kitty cat run gonna get him down.
Pistons pumpin' in a Pinto,camshaft spinning with a funky sound.
The goat come running down the mountain. Ram on the run an he cover some ground.
Man on a dare in the green underware, and he's strolling though town.

Shaking that thang with a low tone, walking on a pencil line.
Ship watching me with the sonar, drink the brine.
Shacking up with the ghost of a Jack mule,saw you die.
Listen in to the wind,to the sound of your sin
To the halogenic din,
of the thoughtfullest lie.

eyes I still see

I saw the smile drop, like a hidden glow,
It disappeared as if there is a switch you throw
To turn on the face to use when you go
Open up the door and navigate the flow
Of the situations that have brought you low
And made you reap the fields that you did not sow.

It’s like the fire inside is trying to go out
But nobody can hear you when you try to shout
You just put on your shoes and try to go about
The life to which you’re forced to be devout.

But your eyes scream out, I gotta get away
There are walls within which I loathe to stay
And though in veiled despair I walk another day
Somehow, desperately I need a way.

I see you wake up and punch in to life
Going through the day just putting in your time
And when you can you drop in your dime
To try and call up feelings of a different kind
I can’t lie, watching this it kills me.
As I go home at night to what fulfills me.
All I can do is pray that someday you’ll be
Where your eyes don’t hide the things I still see.

Because it crawls into me like it is a disease
I can’t fight it, cause all I have are hands like these
I want to grab it, but all I do is freeze,
It’s a door that’s locked and I don’t have the keys.

I see a reflection, mirrored within my care
That somewhere deep in me, there’s a monster there
It bides it’s time in its darkened lair
But its itching to crawl out and feel the air

And all the people who think they can see me
Take a step back now. Move your feet.
My metamorphosis into the dark beast
As on the life I knew, upon it I feast.

I will grow beyond the reach of your distant smile
Carrying mine, I’ll go miles and miles,

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Reapers Dirge

So I’m sitting here and waiting and sometimes anticipating
A little moment I might steal away with you.
As you quietly avoid me, run away from my inquiry,
Hoping I won’t have the will to follow through.

Acting like you cannot see me here a watching from behind the mirror
And dancing with you when you are alone.
Sneaking in and out of your dreams where you aren’t afraid of memory
Suspicious that my arms will be your home.

Oh now don’t spent time in worry, dear I’m never in a hurry,
I’ve yet to run late for a single call.
I lie, there may be two or three but few have yet complained to me
That I should have been no later than last fall.

So when you wake up in the morning time and wonder if you’re on my mind
Just breathe the air and feel your skin aglow.
In due time I’ll turn my eyes to you, then there’s no wall I won’t go through
To my dark and warm embrace you then shall go.