Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Reapers Dirge

So I’m sitting here and waiting and sometimes anticipating
A little moment I might steal away with you.
As you quietly avoid me, run away from my inquiry,
Hoping I won’t have the will to follow through.

Acting like you cannot see me here a watching from behind the mirror
And dancing with you when you are alone.
Sneaking in and out of your dreams where you aren’t afraid of memory
Suspicious that my arms will be your home.

Oh now don’t spent time in worry, dear I’m never in a hurry,
I’ve yet to run late for a single call.
I lie, there may be two or three but few have yet complained to me
That I should have been no later than last fall.

So when you wake up in the morning time and wonder if you’re on my mind
Just breathe the air and feel your skin aglow.
In due time I’ll turn my eyes to you, then there’s no wall I won’t go through
To my dark and warm embrace you then shall go.

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