Monday, November 16, 2009

big blue shelf

Big blue shelf sitting empty waiting on someone come to fill me up.
Sweet young thing looking at me. Drinking her wine from a little tin cup.
Big man standing at attention, leaning on the edge he soon gonna push his luck.
Grease poppin’ happy in a skillet. Put it all on the plate ,gonna eat it all up!

Dog barkin up at the corner. Kitty cat run gonna get him down.
Pistons pumpin' in a Pinto,camshaft spinning with a funky sound.
The goat come running down the mountain. Ram on the run an he cover some ground.
Man on a dare in the green underware, and he's strolling though town.

Shaking that thang with a low tone, walking on a pencil line.
Ship watching me with the sonar, drink the brine.
Shacking up with the ghost of a Jack mule,saw you die.
Listen in to the wind,to the sound of your sin
To the halogenic din,
of the thoughtfullest lie.

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