Tuesday, November 19, 2019

fool's gold

I looked at clouds and sandy ways where all around I heard,
The footfalls of ten thousand men, their little spoken words.
Hesitant I ventured in the place where they all said,
That dreams and all my fantasies would spring out from my head.

They showed me one bright bow of light where if I’d only climb,
The fruits of working over top would show before my eyes.
Join up now, they said to me, there in that mighty place,
And all the things you look upon will your own table grace.

They gave me strict instruction of just how and where to climb,
They told me to ignore my sense, it’ll all come out just fine.
So I forsook my twisted ways, my paths no feet had known,
And lit out across that light to find a pot that’s full of gold.

Now years and troubles weigh upon, as here I finally sit,
And in the brittle, failing light I’m unimpressed with it.
I have the gold, the journey’s done, I can’t go back again,
I cannot shake suspicion all this gold is made of tin.

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