Tuesday, November 19, 2019


Quietly exhaling underneath the din of noise
Conversations happening but never dent the surly poise
Locked outside the glass from all the other girls and boys
In a symphony of silence unconcerned with mirth or joy

Listening to voices hidden, speaking on but with no words
As the bells toll from some tower on some long ago lost church
As the cataclysmic entropy bleeds out upon the urge
Dousing out the glowing embers, push them down where they won’t hurt.

And the crowd around me ripples with a deep uneasy sway
And they can’t decide to come close or move very far away
And my eyes are glowing with something that I cannot explain
And the ambiance can seldom break a smile upon my face

And my lack of orthodoxy pulls some in and others scorn
I project the strength of oak but I feel broken down and worn
And with a million paths from here, in a million ways I’m torn
Trying to choose a single kernel from the swaying stalks of corn.

I can feel the secrets that the world is loathe to give
Know many paths I’ve walked are paths that I will walk again
Knowing I will have companions as I walk this wilderness
And hope that on my journey I somehow will learn to live.

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