Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Stones, Common in Kind

I sat and tried to fathom you,
I sat and spoke my mind.
I spoke of petty things to you,
I spoke of things unkind.

You talked of conversations
Of the words of days gone by.
I told some secrets of my own,
I spoke of passing by.

Hours passed and there we were,
Spinning the words of soul.
Spinning and telling things inferred,
Things, some new, some old.

We walked down roads long left untrod,
Places we had been.
Lived memories we thought were gone,
Lost and found again.

I found a tinge of pain I keep buried deep inside,
Followed feelings home again
Remembered friends of mine.

I spoke of the regrets I had,
You spoke of those you bear.
I asked just how we all could tell
Just where to go from here.

I do not think we ever found
The answers that we need.
Perhaps these conversations are simply manna
On which the soul does feed.

The sands flew through the hourglass,
The failing light long gone.
The time was forced to end,
With words still left undone.

Fleeting taillights shining
 as you drove away.
Bittersweet,  but glad you had been
part of this long day.

And as I slowly sauntered back
to a cold and lonely place.
I wondered if you looked back now
And you too felt the same

I sat and tried to fathom you,
You sat and spoke your mind.
It seems the stones that make us two
Are stones common in kind.

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