Tuesday, November 19, 2019

forbidden attraction

Still, even now, I can taste the sweet addiction of your words,
Simple, conversational words destined to become engraved,
Deep in ambiguity upon my soul, I can’t remember each but each has taken hold.

I’ve but to close my eyes and there you are,
The easy conversation and proximity.  Deeply moving me.
Though I dare not say a word for fear of all the places my heart may run headlong to.

Though I walked away so gingerly I sensed, I knew each step, each footfall , every single breath from you.
Tearing at the fiber of the towers, battlements that cannot run from you.
At times I curse the notions that take hold for they are far from where they ought to be.
Though the bitter taste of fighting against torrents of a thing I cannot here set free.

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