Tuesday, November 19, 2019

non reconcilie

Oh those eyes are haunting me.
Sinking deep into the lonely, secret places in my soul.
Where I’m afraid to go.

The gentle curvature around the
Softened silhouette of things that I can never know,
Dark dreams around you flow.

Another life I live and take
You by the hand and melting inward I am lost in you,
I’ve no will to choose.

Trapped in the catastrophic entropy of things and thoughts
That want to live but never do.
A ghost that’s slipping through.

Unchecked but yet restrained so close that breath is felt,
Warm whispers of what may well be.
Never dare to see.

Tantalizing moment, glancing touch, the warmth
That subtle hint of ecstasy.
An inadvertent tease.

Though I build the walls around me,
Insulate myself from heat that radiates from you.
I sequester all my thoughts, barricading
In my heart you permeate, you fuse.
And your eyes become a permanently glowing fixture
Etched upon my waking mind.
In this deeply hidden corridor I sit
And all my thoughts are bent on you tonight.

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