Friday, October 9, 2009

Ten fathoms a'neath the deep blue sea, where ghosts and fishies play,
I ran 'cross an old graybeard astride a dapple bay.
“Three cheers”, said he, then sipped his tea and rode the steed away.
But 'fore he quite got out of sight,
Though hazy in the failing light
Out rang his voice with all his might
And what he spoke (‘f I heard him right),
“This sandy floor I do deplore but here I’m bound to stay”.

“Twenty-nine and three of cannon had weWhen we heard the bloody scream.
At Cap'ns cry the iron did fly, but we shot into the sea.
A ship of ghosts, of pirates gone
A bark of swirling mists,
And as they cleared, twas deadly fear that clutched within our chests.

On rock like wicked blades of saw our vessel then was tossed,
Me and all me sailor men were to the depths then lost.
So here ye find me ridin' round, a watchin out for some
Unlikely chap such as yersef', to join this sopp'ed slum.”

“This cannot be!", says I to he,And grasped to reach the top.
"I've one true love across the sea and here I cannae' stop!"
He gave a hearty, bold guffaw and looked his eyes around,
"Well lad, you dinnae understand, tis she who drug you down!

Yer lass was stowed safe down below when we raised the pirates mast,
And here she be, beneath the sea, a watchin' fer you to pass."

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