Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Movement slightly hidden ‘neath a sheer and silken blouse
That just conceals the gentle landscape of your skin.
Lips that rest with just the slightest hint of open smile
And deepest eyes that make my eyes return again.
With the gentle undulations as you move now through the dim
Light, flows like dark molasses sensuous and sweet.
Unrestrained I seek the solace of the places just unseen
The shallow breaths and primal ache as our eyes meet.
Hips are swaying with the rhythm, syncopated thick desire
Moonlight splashes, feel the yearning of a dance.
Erasing space between the touches, light around begins to dim
Only sensuously breathing, lidded glance.
Smoothest jolt of heady lightening, fingertips on sleeveless arm
Gliding, aching, reaching for willing embrace.
Touch, exploring things forbidden, watching lips, a blissful glow,
Intoxicating, feeling body, lover’s taste.
Passion burning inhibitions, sinking, floating to the floor,
Lie on bed of things discarded, eyes aglow.
Surrender any thought returning, heat still rising all around
As the overwhelming hunger upward flows.
Thick with atmospheric drawing, opening to voiceless call,
Tender trembling slowly find a path to go,
Intimate, embracing shadows, softly calling names of love,
Till the breaking waves are mustered, overflow.

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