Friday, October 9, 2009

Smiling Shadow

Today I looked into your eyes,
And there I saw a tear,
That your words did not convey.
Hidden, in layers buried deeply.
In rooms no one may enter,
A place that never sees the day.

Born not, of the wind and fury,
Of passion and bold heart break,
And love blasted away.
Rather, a slow and tender yearning,
From looking all around you,
And not seeing a way.

The tears that, collected over years and,
Slowly find their way in,
All your silent dreams.
The dreams that, though they may consume you,
And burn with heat no one knew,
Stay locked, you dare not find the key.

You slowly make your way through,
Knowing no one else can see you.
None comprehend the clandestine truth,
That this is not the real you.

As I look into your eyes and,
There I find a tear that,
Your words do not convey.
My soul aches, to offer some respite from,
The silent shadow hiding,
Behind the smiling face.

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  1. Bard, Great site, especially love this one. It's no wonder I keep finding quotable quotes in your stuff :)

    - Jeff (zombieCat from JF)