Tuesday, January 8, 2019

a meditation on us

and then, in this deep contentment here
unburdened, unbound, unencumbered
by tedium and things obliged
the nuanced sweetness of touching soul
where silence does not still the heady air
the atmosphere thick with the subtle ether
magnetic in its draw, leaving things interwoven
without rope or cord with which to weave.

to this strange, ethereal plane the ghosts, the djinn
the hallowed ones who walk in step with the living
but offer their counsel from distant, deep repose
do look on, eyeless, listen in, earless
and offer up the countenance of the very earth and stone
upon which to sit a while and commune

and quiet peace is the color with which
the canvas is painted
and moments only are left indelibly chiseled
in the fabric of souls
and presence is the only requisite offer.

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