Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Epic of Eur

Thus in the days when time was yet young 
When the vastness of the sky spilt its bile from 
These, the deep places in which the bones of man were made 
And nubile the stones cast up and waters made way. 
There the One looked out from vast, cosmic throne 
And offered here and there footholds of stone 
Forming then with rivers of blood and of space and of time 
The eldest of souls, singular, brooding, and monolithic of kind. 

The eons, the ages like silent deep waters they rolled 
As stones and the souls and the darkness took hold 
But then, in some epoch, forgotten, dim, past,  
As nebulae shown out, stars violent flashed 
The deepest of darkness, of earth and of stone 
Leviathan wakened, and countenance shown 
With lids slowly rising, earth crumbled, behold 
Eyes new and yearning, he basked in the cold 
In dimmest of light of young worlds forming fast 
Perceived he the purest of light in the vast 
Unreachable corners of worlds barely hewn 
And there he beheld her, a soul...like he, new. 
Her light both blue and white and indescribable and pure, 
And he knew it must now be that the cold, dark reaches of the unknown 
Vastness could no longer satisfy........... 
The One, the One perceived as well. 
But the One remained alone... 
Seeds took root.

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