Wednesday, January 9, 2019

the new year

I walked out into the desert and quietly I bid adieu, 
We have walked this time together, turned some pages, me and you. 
I recalled the laughter, glances, all the trials and moments gone, 
All the pain and bitter waters, simple pleasures ere the dawn. 
In my mind I walked the paths again, the high ones and the low. 
Pulled the oars on tempest raging, trudged the valleys, long and slow. 
The many footsteps we trod silent, joyous din of laughter deep, 
Slopes of grassy undulation, rocky crags so wild and step. 
There within you I made changes, I made troubles, some I saved 
Left destruction, built high castles, laid the path for better days. 
I remember all the moments, many bitter, many sweet, 
And with wonder see you off into the pages at my feet. 
Your essence lives in mem’ry and upon it will be built 
The pages forward to the mountain until words are someday stilled. 

I walked out into the desert and I raised my glass to you. 
My still anticipation of the pages bold and true. 
Holding naught but possibility and dreams of what will be, 
Armed with sweetest nectar flowing from the ripened fruits I see. 
For my feet with take me places that I never knew I’d find, 
My arms will hold to someone that I thought long left behind. 
The destiny that rises will close in and meet me there, 
On the swaying grasses, scent of pine and incense wafting there. 
The colors are yet vague and will emerge in their due time, 
As I gently stroll along the path that shows itself as mine. 

I walked out into the desert and I raised my glass to these,  
Drank a toast to yesterday, cheers for future scented breeze. 
I poured a shot of whiskey up to those forgotten gods 
Sitting silent in the shadows, where the horses run unshod 
The ones who recognize the soul that lives inside these bones 
Understanding that the paths we walk are paths our hearts must go. 
I tip my hat to this dark earth and stone that holds my feet up here 
And to which I’ll soon embrace again, serene and without fear. 
Then I turn and, lantern burning, let the old day drift to smoke 
Walking silently, with purpose, to tomorrow’s light and cold. 

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