Tuesday, February 18, 2020

check mate

quietly, the rustling movement of the cloaken mind
takes a step towards, furrowed brow, deftly moves behind.
intent on easy subterfuge and patiently he sees
all the tiny, little glances, touches, purposed subtleties.
so little is invested and so little offered up
for meager light to shine upon, wine to fill the shim'ring cup
a dance is stepped unnoticed in the dim lit, murky sway
outside, the lookers cannot tell the predator from prey

locked in combat gentle on the chessboard of desire
betting currency of pleasure on the edge of wrath and ire
tossing coins of jealous gold across the table made of ice
making cheap the heavy cost of what is virtue, what is vice
deftly and with purpose she now turns and looks away
he smiling and unmoving, eyes transition, blue to grey
unseen the cords of ether and unseen the hands that strive
pulling silent, resolute, a struggle deep within the minds

touch, a moment linger, and then turn and walk away
see the moistened lips, the hips that sumptuously sway
as taught the lines, the reels, the binds with lightning stretch out firm
baited hook becomes a smouldering look, the other player's turn
deftly and intently, let the settling net make blind
and draw the soul into the endless wells of deep fathomless eyes
close her in and wrap in comfort of a warm embrace, benign
then off now further down the shore, another game for which to find

knowing well the fickle nature of the shoreline that is walked
and the hollow tenderness of all the nets of words he talked
smiling sly at those who, angry, shake their fists and cast their blame
but throw their gold upon the table, ante up to play the game.

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